Beltline Church of Christ      

Where We Came From

On a hot July day in 1931, Cora Sneed had been helping Pearl Kelley chop cotton while their husbands cut hay on the Sneed farm. It was a case of neighbors helping neighbors, but on this particular Saturday, Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Sneed had on their minds another way to be of service to those around them.

Resting after the hard day’s labor, they talked about the many children who lived nearby. Sunday was coming, and these children needed to be taught the Bible, but there was not a church located close enough for them to attend services in these mule-and-wagon days. So the two ladies sent out postcards to several families, announcing that the next week, they’d teach a Sunday school at 2 pm. under a tree in the yard of the Kelley home.

The small congregation outgrew its shade tree, a brush arbor, and then larger and larger buildings and now to its present facilities.

But the history of the Lord’s church is not merely contained in brush, bricks and mortar. It is with the stories of the people and their service to their Master that Beltline’s history truly comes to life. That simple beginning grew into the Beltline Church of Christ, a congregation that still meets less than 2 miles from that original tree.

It’s also a congregation where members still help each other through the hard days of life, where they reach beyond the membership to share Christ with their neighbors and the rest of the world, and where stepping out in simple acts of faith still brings glory to God.



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