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Sunday, June 07, 2020

Building Resilient Faith

Building Resilient Faith #6 – Developing the Muscles of Cultural Discernment #2
Building Resilient Faith #6
Developing the Muscles of Cultural Discernment #2

Question: How did Jesus train his disciples to become more like God?

John 4 - Jesus humanizes this woman.
  • That means to see, acknowledge, respect and honor the person in front of you, no matter what they have done NOR how different they may be from you. It is to acknowledge that they bear God's image.
Feeding the 5,000 – Mark 6
  • Jesus is intentionally communicating that their work is the same as His work.
  • Their work is to feed, however that feeding might look, the people God gives you to love.
Mark 5:1-13
  • Step OUT of the question...How am I doing? Step INTO the question...How am I doing loving others?
  • Since loving others is the sign that we love God, transformation is always measured in terms of how we love others.
  • Our Goal as disciples is to grow in empathy and grow in our capacity to love.
Practical Love?
  • Jesus' notion of love is NOT some theoretical concept but rather a love that concretely engages a person's mind, heart, and body.
  • Where the love of God is present...miracles always follow.
Ambassadors for Christ?
  • When we obey the gospel, he places the ring on our finger and calls us to make the reign of God present for others, just as he did.
  • The ring of God's blessing is also the ring that empowers us to love ALL PEOPLE.
It is hard to live into the love of God ourselves without embracing a desire and commitment to love others.

Isaiah 58:6-12
  • If you want to experience the fullness of your own salvation in God, focus your energy on loving others, especially the forgotten, the lonely, and the marginalized.
  • The healthiest context for personal growth, development, and transformation is a commitment to love others.
Jesus didn't wait until his disciples were ready to train them to love others.

2 Principles at work...
  1. You have to learn to live in the love of God.
  2. You have to move and act even BEFORE it is fully formed in you.


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