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Sunday, February 09, 2020

Joseph: A Life of Exile (PM)

Joseph: A Life of Exile #5
Duration:30 mins 38 secs
Joseph: A Life of Exile #5

Genesis 42:1-9

God's promises always come true.
  • God's timing may not be ours, but you can rest assured that when God promises something it is going to happen!
  • Genesis 42:13
Genesis 42:21-28
  • These brothers were living a life of guilt.
  • For more than twenty years they wondered... is this the day our sin catches up with us?
Your sin will always find you out.

What is this God has done to us?
  • This is NOT a positive comment.
  • This is... we are dead men if they catch us.
Genesis 43:1-30
  • Genesis 45:1-8
Joseph views his troubles through faith-filled eyes.

God uses our struggles...
  • God uses our hardships for his purposes.
  • What Satan meant for evil, God is really good at turning into good.
How do you view your trials?

Joseph sees his suffering from a much bigger place...
  • To preserve the life of all mankind.
  • To keep the family line of his father going.
  • To show God's power.
Genesis 45:16-20


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