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Sunday, February 09, 2020

The Church in Exile

The Church in Exile: Living Faithfully as Exiles in a Foreign Land #7
Duration:35 mins 27 secs
The Church in Exile: Living Faithfully as Exiles in a Foreign Land

Revelation 3: Questions...
  • Why did Jesus find himself outside the door at Laodicea?
  • How do we invite Jesus back into our churches and lives?
  • What reward does Jesus promise to those who take up his invitation?
Revelation 3:14-22
  • Are we just going through the motions?
  • If deliverance is to be a reality, we must be a praying church.
  • "Your people would pray too if they actually believed that God answered prayer."
Why is Jesus on the OUTSIDE?

1. Unacknowledged lukewarmness.
  • Lukewarm = indifference, self-satisfaction, lack of passion for Jesus.
2. Satisfaction with riches.
  • Often times the church feels more like a country club, than a hospital.
3. Gratifying Self-Deception.
  • The church saw themselves much differently than Jesus did.
How can we invite Jesus back to the church?
  • Psalm 19:10, "...more to be desired are they than gold..."
  • Revelation 3:19
  1. We have too much noise and not enough quietness
  2. We have too much self-promotion
  3. We have too much self-righteousness
  4. We have too little prayer, too little weeping for both the saved and the lost.
  5. We're too selfish with our money and time
  6. We have too many marriages in crisis with seemingly no resolution of their conflicts.
  7. We have too little effort in preserving the unity of the body.
What is the reward for those who take up the invitation?
  • Revelation 3:20-21
  • Only one word describes this... GRACE.


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