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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Galations (PM)

Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #13
Duration:27 mins 42 secs
Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #13

Galatians 6:6-18
  • Verses 6-10 are his final warning.
  • Verses 11-18 are his final invitation.
  • The warning and the invitation are essentially the by the gospel and nothing else.
Stern Warning...
  • WHATEVER you sow, you will reap.
  • Whatever you sow, you WILL reap.
  • If anyone rejects the gospel and lives completely to the flesh, seeking and serving something other than Jesus alone, then they will reap eternal destruction.
  • There is always a delay between sowing and reaping.
Do NOT lose heart...
  1. Paul shows u what the Christian life is all about.
  2. The word doing shows that we are to give whatever love discerns as their need.
    • We cannot do for everyone, but we can do for one.
    • Life in Christ is a life of sacrifice.
When we make sacrifices...
  • The cost of harvest is greater than the cost of the seed.
  • We get to see the direct and deep satisfaction of watching lives change for the better.
  • We even see people whose burdens we have ben bearing become burden bearers themselves.
  • Even if we don't see any of that...the reality is that God is still building good into our own lives.
The LAST appeal...
  • Real Christianity is a matter of inward change, not external observance alone.
  • What do you boast in?
  • The heart of religion is what you boast in.
Think about this... if nothing in the world is where I locate my righteousness or salvation, if there is nothing in the world that I boast in then there is nothing in the world that controls me... there is nothing I must have.

  • If I must have nothing to do with the world and must separate from it, then the world still has quite a lot of power over me.
The Gospel...
  • The gospel changes my future, giving me my place in Christ's perfected re-creation.
  • The gospel changes my present, giving me a whole new self-image and a whole new way of relating to everyone.
The final word... GRACE
  • We begin by grace, by being justified in what Christ has done.
  • We continue by grace, NOT by anything we do.
  • Grace is deeply fulfilling, securing life now, and eternal life to come.


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