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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Dangerous Holiness

Dangerous Holiness #1
Duration:39 mins 15 secs
Dangerous Holiness #1

Radically Different?
  • God is wholly other than us, he is dangerous, holy, and wild to put it mildly.
  • We neither tremble in fear NOR thrill with excitement at the prospect of encountering this deity.
  • Have we forgotten how BIG God is?
Scriptures: 2 Samuel 6:5-15; Exodus 19:16-24. What Pictured do these verses Paint?
  • They show us of a God who is unmistakably holy, dangerous, even deadly.
  • YES...God is dangerous. He is not a house cat...he is a lion.
Don't Misunderstand...
  • God is not cruel or impulsive...but he is dangerous.
  • The good news is that this dangerous God turns out to be a lover.
  • The veil has been torn from top to bottom and we are free to ender the holy of holies...but we better remember to tread lightly...he is the same Holy God.
Exodus 32:1-5
  • How could anyone encounter the living God one day and bow before an idol the next?
  • Exodus 19:16-19
  • You don't tremble before an idol.
Are we that different?
  • We are continually creating more comfortable versions of him to worship.
  • The sin of the Israelites at Sinai was not worshiping other was assigning God a replacement. It was reducing God to something he is NOT and making THAT the object of worship.
Quiet Desperation...
  • What if wat is really missing are the deep things of God?
  • We should throw away the idea that eternal truth will fit neatly in our 21st Century expectations.
Life in the Deep...
  • Why Risk it? Because there isn't just danger in the deep' there is wonder too.
  • Romans 11:33-36; 1 Corinthians 2:10
Spiritually Complacent...
  • We slowly lose sight of how strange and splendid God truly is.
  • As our view of his majesty dims, our spiritual lives become dull.
  • God is calling you to the depths...don't stay on the beach.



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