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Sunday, October 06, 2019

Galations (PM)

Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #5
Duration:34 mins 18 secs
Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #5

Galatians 3:1-5
  • Paul appeals not to their logic instead he appeals to their experience.
  • Experience = concrete events and realities that happened to the Galatians...things that they observed, touched, felt, and thought.
The Cross...
  • Delivers us from this present evil age.
  • "Murders" the law and terminates its lordship, so that we can die to the law, sin and the world.
  • Justifies, absorbs our guilt, and ends nationalistic Judaism.
Receiving the Holy Spirit?
  • For Paul receiving the Holy Spirit is the identifying characteristic of the Christian.
  • Faith brings the blessing of Abraham, and this blessing is the promise of the Spirit.
  • Galatians 4:4-6
Rubber Meeting the Road...
  • If they received the Spirit by faith, then they are WRONG in attaching themselves now to the laws of the Judaizers!
  • If they received the Spirit by law, then Paul is WRONG and the Judaizers are right.
  • BUT...Paul already knows the received the Spirit long before these Judaizers came along.
Galatians 3:6-14 – The argument is complex but this much is clear...
  1. Gentiles are acceptable to God on the basis of their faith in Christ rather than by observing Jewish Law.
  2. The choice to live under the law is a choice to inherit the curse of the law.
Here is the Logic...
  • Abraham was justified by faith.
  • Gentiles are justified in Abraham because all nations will be blessed in connection to Abraham.
  • Since Gentiles are justified in Abraham's promise, they must be justified as Abraham faith.
1. Experiences are powerful.
    • True theology is something that also needs to be experienced and experience needs to be theologically sound.
    • We strip our faith of one its most important dimensions if we rob it of experience and pretend that Christianity is unemotional, unobservable, and untouchable.
2. The Gospel is a social barrier breaker and it is for all.
    • Abraham's family (the Jews) were to bring God's plan of salvation to the rest of the world.
What Happened?
  • They overturned, like and accident on the freeway, and were now blocking the original intention!
  • Jesus took the weight of Israel's curse on himself when he died on the cross. Now the roadblock has been taken away.
What roadblocks are there in the way of God's blessing reaching the world today?



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