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Sunday, October 06, 2019

Jesus: Who then is This?

Jesus: Who then is This? #5
Duration:33 mins 58 secs
Jesus: Who then is This? #5

  • Awkwardness is how we often react with God's grace comes at us.
  • Grace is hard for most people to define...let alone accept.
  • (1) A charming or attractive trait. (2) Approval or favor. (3) A title or address. (4) A short prayer at a meal.
  • The unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification.
A few verses to consider... 1 john 1:14; 2 Timothy 2:9; James 4:6

Luke 15
  • The first story is about a lost sheep... Luke 15:7
  • The second story is about a lost coin... Luke 15:9-10
  • The longest of the three... the prodigal son.
Three stories, three lost things, three parties...
  • God loves what we would call bad people and rejoices when they turn to him.
  • The son wasted his money with crazy, over the top living, the father restored his son with crazy, over the top grace.
My problem with the Speech... What does he mean, I am no longer worthy?
  • Being a son or daughter has nothing to do with being worthy.
  • We are sons and daughters of God by birth not by worth.
Spiritual Birth happens by Grace...
  • We must believe that Jesus exists, that he paid for our sins when he died, and that he rose again to make new life available to us.
  • Our faith is in him...not in ourselves.
  • The Bible calls us in faith to repent, Confess, and be baptized but it all begins with Faith.
Off track... Somehow, we started thinking, now that we are Christians, now that we know better, we have to do something to keep our standing with God.
  • Even in our worst moments, God still loves us. Luke 15:20
The Speech... Mid speech his dad stops him... he ignores his performance! He has already forgiven him.

What did the Son do to deserve honor?
  • He didn't do wasn't about him. It was about the grace of the Father.
  • The son simply had to accept the Forgiveness the Father offered him.
Who Then is this? Jesus...he is grace.



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