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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Jesus: Who then is This?

Jesus: Who then is This? #2
Duration:37 mins 18 secs
Jesus: Who then is This? #2

Matthew 9:9-13 – Two Groups...
  1. People who think they are righteous
  2. People who know they are sinners.
    • We either pretend we don't need him, or we acknowledge that we do.
Abandon the BADNESS scale.
  • Our wrong labels keep us from the right kind of interaction with people.
Notorious sinners did NOT kill Jesus... phony religious people did!

OUTRAGE... comes a lot easier than humility & compassion.
  • Here is what I often do...I make up rules that fit my life, then I judge you by my rules.
Why? My rules keep me at a distance from bad people.
  • If I separate myself from the people the world sees as bad or different then I don't have to deal with their pain. I don't have to walk in their shoes, love them, or let my heart break with theirs.
Rules? I am in favor of authority, order, justice & structure!
  • We just have to remember that rules don't prove how spiritual we are or how close to God we are.
Matthew 9:12 – Jesus came down to our level because we could never rise to his.
  • God ISN'T intimidated by sin the way we are...John 8
What Stage are you in?
  1. I am a good person, and it is okay for me to criticize bad people.
  2. I am a good person, but I should show compassion to bad people.
  3. I am a sinner who need just as much helps as the next guy.
  4. I am loved by Jesus, just as I am, and so is everyone else.
CHURCH is a place where a bunch of people who realize they need help get together to love Jesus and encourage each other.

Go and Sin No more... This is NOT a threat. It was a statement of freedom.
  • Jesus wasn't interested in making her feel bad for her past...he wanted to rescue her future.
Who Then is This?
  • Jesus...the Great Physician our HOPE.



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