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Sunday, September 08, 2019

Galations (PM)

Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #3
Duration:34 mins 1 sec
Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #3

Galatians 1:11-2:10
  • Paul is going to share the gospel he proclaimed but NOT to get approval or authorization.
  • "Nothing was threatening Paul's certainty, but something was threatening his fruitfulness.
At Stake...Christian UNITY
  • If the Jerusalem apostles had sided with, or even merely tolerated those who were teaching against Paul, this would have split the church in two!!
  • Neither side would have accepted the other fully and would have questions if the others were actually saved.
  • They did not insist on Titus' circumcision before having fellowship with him.
  • The only difference in the gospel of Jerusalem apostles and Paul's gospel was to whom it was preached.

How the Gospel Gives Freedom...
  1. The gospel leads to cultural freedom
  2. The gospel leads to emotional freedom
    • Though NOT free from moral law as a way to live, Christians are free from the law as a system of salvation.
Three Things...
  1. Those in Jerusalem added nothing to Paul's message.
  2. They officially recognized Paul's special calling from the Lord.
  3. The "pillars" wanted Paul to remember the poor.
What does real Christian unity look like?
  1. We have a responsibility to welcome and accept those who are in Christ regardless of their cultural or ethnic background.
    • Christian unity takes NO account of cultural distinctives and is NEVER contingent on cultural similarities.

2. It means recognizing that we have different callings.

    • We can adapt the gospel to different people while preserving its essence.
What does that look like?
    • The apostles were determined to preserve the gospel message, and the lifestyle and implication of it; but they were equally prepared to adapt the medium of that message.
3. Christian unity means we remember the poor.
    • The particular reason in the context of Galatians is that the Jewish churches were much poorer than the Gentile churches.
    • The general reason is that care for the poor is constant in the Bible.
Limits to Unity... By establishing gospel unity, they were also setting the boundaries of that unity and the false brothers were outside of it.
  • Fellowship with Christ is a sufficient basis for fellowship with one another.
  • We must never exclude someone whom God has the same time we cannot maintain unity at the expense of the gospel.



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