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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Galations (PM)

Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #2
Duration:44 mins 55 secs
Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #2

3 Aspects to Paul's Divine Gospel...
1. Salvation is in Jesus Christ alone.
2. One becomes accepted by God solely by faith, apart from living in accordance with the Law of Moses.
3. This acceptance and church participation are open as much to Gentiles as it is to Jews.

3 Attacks Paul Addresses...

1. Paul refutes the idea that he came to his gospel message through his own reflection, reasoning, and thinking.
  • There is no way that Paul's Christian message was the product of his own line of thinking because the true gospel was the polar opposite direction he had been going.
  • Revelation stands in stark contrast to passing on sacred traditions.
2. Paul undermines the claim that his gospel was delivered from others, from Christian leaders in Jerusalem.
  • He did not get instructed by the apostles!
  • Paul's repeated references to the apostles at Jerusalem suggests that the Judaizers were claiming that Paul had simply gotten his gospel message from the headquarters in Jerusalem.
Questions: The question is NOT How could they have remained as they were? BUT, how can I understand why they remained as they were?
  • These Jerusalem Christians were afraid that these Gentile Christians would lose all contact with the foundation of their belief and collapse the faith.
3. Paul shows that his God-given gospel checked out with the message the other apostles received from God.
  • He did not receive his commission or message from the other apostles; but his message squared with the one they received from the risen Lord.
Gospel TRUTH...The gospel cannot be restricted to one Nation.
  • The gospel spells freedom in the Spirit for ALL who call upon Jesus Christ.
The gospel of Grace...
  • Who Paul Was: A man who had done many terrible things.
  • What God was Doing: God's grace was working in Paul's life long before his conversion.
  • What God IS Doing: God saves sinners.
  • How Grace Changes us: The gospel removes a man pleasing Spirit, or the drive to win the approval of men.
How Does the Gospel Destroy Man Pleasing?
  • By freeing us and motivating us to seek to win the approval of God.
4 things after conversion...

1. Paul's perspective on life was no entirely shaped by his encounter with Jesus.
2. Paul now perceives himself entirely within the categories of a relationship to Jesus Christ.
3. Paul's conversion is a complete reordering of his life.
4. The mark that stands out...Commitment.



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