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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Galations (PM)

Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #1
Duration:37 mins 2 secs
Galatians: Jesus + Nothing #1

Galatians 1:1-5 - To use the title apostle as one of the first words of this letter was Paul's way of claiming authority.
  • Paul calling himself an apostle was his way of saying he was Christ's official representative.
  • Paul expected the Galatians to listen...he is a man who has been sent with immediate and divine authority.
Present Evil Age? - In Judaism THIS AGE is frequently distinguished from the AGE to COME.
  • The Age to come is a description of the establishment of God's justice and peace.
  • Because Jesus has eclipsed the age of the LAW and brought history into a new era, life under Law, whether lived now or in the past, is considered an evil age.
Galatians 1:6-10 – the reason for the letter...
  • The Galatians had changed positions on a crucial subject. What was it? The means of acceptance with God and the role Christ played in that acceptance.
  • When the gospel of grace is supplemented with the system of Moses, the result is NOT a perfected, fully mature gospel; it is a gross perversion and a totally different message.
What is the Gospel?
  • Who we are: Helpless and lost
  • What Jesus did: He gave himself for our sins
  • What the Father Did: God accepted the work of Christ on our behalf by raising him from the dead
  • Why God did it: Grace
God's Motivation? There is no indication of any other motivation or cause for Christ's mission except the will of God.
  • The Biblical gospel (Paul's gospel) is that salvation from first to last is God's doing. It is his plan, his action, and his work.
Cursed? Paul uses the word anathema, the same word used in the OT for something consecrated to God for his destruction.
  • The heart of the problem: A gospel of grace at war with a gospel that minimizes Christ.
What does this mean for today?
1. Our responses to Paul's letter is an indication of our attitude toward Christ. Matthew 10:40
  • Every Christian must accept apostolic letters, like Galatians, as authoritative...a message from Jesus himself.
2. Paul encountered traveling missionaries who distorted the apostolic gospel by adding Moses to it in such a way so as to make life in Jerusalem more socially comfortable.

3. The Gospel is a sacred trust!!!
  • We are given every freedom to explore the implications of the gospel for our world today!
  • We are NEVER GIVEN any freedom to alter the original gospel of the grace of God in Christ.
Put it all together...
  • Paul isn't talking about people who simply disagree with him about an something. He was talking about disagreeing with the revealed gospel.
  • What we need today is LESS tirades, less emotional outbursts, and much more carefully constructed arguments that vindicate the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • We must be willing to confront; but we need to confront in a way that is consistent with the gospel itself.



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