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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Leaving the 99

Leaving the 99 #2
Duration:32 mins 58 secs
Search & Rescue...Leaving the 99 #2

Jesus did two things...
  • He made himself accessible/available
  • He didn't look down on anyone.
  • Luke 5:31-32
Step #1 to Living on Mission –
  • Look around and see the people God has already put in your life who need him.
  • John 4:25 – Ask God to open your eyes!
Matthew 4:19, "...I will make you fishers of men."
6 Fishing Trips... Modern Day Equivalent
  1. Luke 4:31-36 – Healing a demon possessed man Someone at church
  2. Luke 4:38-41 – Healing of Peter's mother in law Someone in your family
  3. Luke 5:1-11 – Miraculous catch of fish Someone at work
  4. Luke 5:12-14 – Healing of a leper Someone on the margins
  5. Luke 5:17-25 – Healing of a paralyzed man Your friends
  6. Luke 5:27-30 – Jesus calls Levi Someone at work
  • Jesus is doing the main work and they are shadowing him.
  • Every one of these encounters happened in areas were Jesus' disciples actually lived.
Good Place to Start...Luke 5:27-30
  • This was no ordinary was a party with a purpose.
  • I believe God moves when you share a meal for the purpose of demonstrating Christ's love.
  • The most important thing for you to do is LISTEN.
All of us are dealing with something!! Matthew 9:36
  • It is easy to become hardened to the pain around us.
  • It is easy to start to see people far from God as the enemy.
4 Kinds of Crises...
  1. Crisis of Circumstances
  2. Crisis of Belief
  3. Crisis of Identity
  4. Crisis of Mortality
What is holding you back? The greatest hindrance to living outward is focusing inward.
  • The question is NOT are people open and IS are you and I willing to reach out?



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