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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Wastefully Extravagant

Wastefully Extravagant #3
Duration:35 mins 38 secs
Wastefully Extravagant #3

Spiritually Lost?
  • The younger brothers lostness is clearly seen when he ends up in the pigsty.
  • Jesus wants us to discern another, more subtle but no less devastating form of lostness...older brother lostness.
Luke 15:28 - The first sign you have an elder brother spirit is that when life doesn't go the way you want, you are just sorrowful but deeply angry and bitter.

Elder Brothers... Elder brothers expect their goodness to pay off, and if it doesn't there is confusion and rage.
  • Elder brothers have a strong sense of their own superiority.
  • If a group believes God favors them because their particularly true doctrine, ways of worship, and ethical behavior, their attitude toward those without these things can be hostile.
Another Sign... joyless, fear-based compliance
  • Elder brother obedience leads to a slavish, begrudging compliance to the letter of the law.
  • A person motivated by Love rather than fear will not only obey the letter of the law, but eagerly seek out new ways to be transparent.
Lack of Assurance...
  1. Every time something goes wonder if it's because you are not living right in this or that area.
  2. Criticism from others doesn't just hurt your feelings, it devastates you.
  3. Irresolvable guilt
  4. A dry prayer life.
The Mirror... The younger brother knew he was alienated from the father but the older brother did not.
  • Elder brothers don't go to God for healing from their condition...they see nothing wrong with their condition and that can be fatal.
The Younger Brothers... many people today have abandoned any kind of religious faith because they see clearly that the major religions are full of elder brothers.
  • The Christian gospel calls us away from younger brother behavior; but few realize that it also condemns elder brotherness as well.
Jesus is saying... would you please be open to the possibility that the gospel, real Christianity, is something very different from religion.

A third group? There is a third group of people who need to understand elder brother lostness... Christians.



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