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Sunday, June 02, 2019

Wastefully Extravagant

Wastefully Extravagant #1
Duration:33 mins 26 secs
Wastefully Extravagant #1

Luke 15:1-2
  1. Tax collectors & sinners
  2. Pharisees & teachers of the Law.
The Complaint... "This man receives sinners and eats with them."
  • To sit and eat with someone in the Ancient Near East was as an act of acceptance.
  • It is to the second group, in response to their attitude, that Jesus begins to tell this parable.
The target of the story is NOT wayward sinners but religious people who do everything the Bible requires.

The POINT...religiously observant people were offended by Jesus, but those estranged from religious and moral observance were intrigued and attracted to him.
  • If the preaching and practice of Beltline does NOT have the same effect on people that Jesus had, then is it possible that we are not declaring the same message that Jesus did?
Luke 15:11-32 – ACT 1
  • The younger son wanted the father's things but not the father.
  • To lose part of you land was to lose part of yourself and a major share of your standing in the community.
  • The father patiently endures a loss of honor as well as the pain of rejected love.
Luke 15:11-32 – ACT 1 SCENE 2
  • FIRST, he will return and admit that he was wrong and that he has forfeited his right to be his son.
  • SECOND, he intends to ask his father to make him like one of his hired men.
Luke 15:11-32 – Acts 1 SCENE 3
  • The father RUNS to his son...distinguished Middle Easterners do NOT run.
  • The best robe in the house would have been the father's own robe.
  • The father is saying..."you are NOT going to earn your way back into the family, I am simply going to take you back."
Amazing Grace – God's love and forgiveness can pardon and restore any and every kind of sin!
  • The younger brother knew that in his father's house there was food to spare, but he discovered that there was grace to spare.
ACT 2 – the Lost OLDER Brother
  • The older brother remains outside the door, casting a vote of no confidence in his father's actions.
  • I have NEVER disobeyed you, so I have rights... I deserve to be consulted about this.
  • You have no right just to accept him back into the family.
The Moment of Truth... I am not going to disown your brother, but I don't want to disown you either. I challenge you to swallow your pride and come to the feast...the choice is yours.

Why Doesn't He Finish the Story? Because the real audience is the Pharisee, the elder brother.
  • Jesus is pleading with his enemies to respond to his message.



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