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Sunday, June 02, 2019

The Greatest Servant (PM)

The Greatest Servant – Work Camp Kick-Off
Duration:25 mins 4 secs
The Greatest Servant – Work Camp Kick-Off

List the things people expect from church below...

List the commands God gave the church below...

Question: What would upset people more? If the church didn't provide the things from the first list or if the church didn't obey the commands in the second list?
Luke 12:35-46
  • Jesus is returning soon, and he expects to find his church taking his commands seriously.
  • Do we exist to please people or God?
Matthew 20:20-28
  • True greatness is found in service.
  • The foundation for service is built upon Christ's birth, life, death and resurrection for us.
  • BEGINS there because he is the original motivation and ENDS there because ONLY in him are we empowered to serve others.
  • The essence of the gospel...the son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many.
  • We serve because Jesus served us.
Unconditional Love...
  • We like being loved, but we also like knowing we've proved ourselves worthy of it.
  • Serving as an attempt to God back for his grace is futile – not only because our best efforts would prove inadequate but because there is nothing to pay back.
Isaiah 1:10-13
  • Service as an attempt to earn God's favor is not only futile, it is repulsive to God.
  • You can do the right thing with the wrong motive, and God will always call it sin.
  • Jesus continues to wash our dirty feet.
  • The painful irony is NOT that we get dirty again, but that many believers fail to put a towel around their own waist to wash dirt off the feet of others.



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