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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Revived Stones

Revived Stones: Lessons from the Book of Nehemiah #5
Duration:37 mins 55 secs
Revived Stones #5: Lessons from the Book of Nehemiah

Nehemiah 5:1-5 – 3 Reasons for the strike...
  1. There was a famine
  2. There were too many taxes.
  3. A high and inappropriate interest rate.
Nehemiah's response – vs. 6 "I was angry when I heard the outcry..."
  • Nehemiah has a holy and righteous anger. Deut. 23:19-20
  • Nehemiah is angry because they are directly disobeying the Law of God.
Deut. 23:20, ... "That the Lord your God may bless you in all that you undertake..."
  • They were supposed to be different...unique...distinct...and Nehemiah knows that isn't happening.
  • They were choosing their way over God's way.
Nehemiah 5:7-9 – 3 Accusations...
  1. You are exacting interest.
  2. You have sold your brothers and sisters into slavery. Lev. 25:25-30
  3. You are losing your distinctiveness.
Afraid...I am afraid we are losing our distinctiveness as Christians.
  • If our distinctiveness ends when we leave this building, then this is nothing more than a grand deception. Romans 12:2
Question: Why Fit in when you were designed to stand out.

Nehemiah 5:8, "They were silent and could not find a word to say..."

  1. You can get mad
  2. You can take counsel with yourself, pray and consider what to do next.
Correcting the Problem...
  1. Determine to STOP It. Colossians 3:5-6; Romans 6:12-14; 1 Corinthians 15:33-34
  2. Do it NOW. When you realize what you are doing is wrong NOW is the time to stop it.
  3. Declare your plans for correction as a promise to the Lord.
    • In a word: This is accountability.
Take Aways...
  1. Prolonged personal sin takes a toll on God's work in your life.
  2. Correcting any problem begins by facing it head on.
  3. Accountability is key.



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