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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Revived Stones

Revived Stones: Lessons from the Book of Nehemiah #2
Duration:39 mins 58 secs
Revived Stones #2: Lessons from the Book of Nehemiah

Cupbearer to the King?
  • This office in the ancient courts, was always prestigious & important.
  • Some scholars go so far as to say that he is the king's right-hand man.
Nehemiah 2:1 – What happened after Nehemiah prayed...NOTHING.
  • There is actually something happening while it appears nothing is happening.
  • God uses waiting to change us.
  • Psalm 27:14; Lamentations 3:25
Nehemiah 2:1-3 – Why was he afraid?
  1. Members of the kings court were expected to maintain a cheery disposition in the king's presence.
  2. Ezra 4:15-16; 21
Jerusalem...City gates = Protection
  • Unwalled cities were dismissed as insignificant
  • For Jerusalem to have no wall was a disgrace to the city, the people, and to God.
Destroyed Gates...Have God's people become so inward focused, so self-centered, that as a church we are not even affected by our own broken walls and ruined graves?
  • What gates have been broken in your life that need repair?
  • Where are you dishonoring God?
Nehemiah 2:4-6 - Before he speaks to the king of the known world – he calls on the creator of the whole world.
  • Are you willing to get your hands dirty to rebuild what has been destroyed?
Nehemiah 2:7-8 – During those four months when it seemed like God was silent, we know Nehemiah was planning.
  • God honors order and organization!
  • Luke 14:28; Proverbs 16:9
Sacrifice...Nehemiah sacrificed his own future with God's people just to put God's people in a position to have a future.
  • What are you willing to give up so that God's people will be blessed and protected?
Growth...Why isn't growth expected in the church?
  • "Your organization is perfectly designed for producing the results you are experiencing right now.
Nehemiah 2:8 – After all the prayers and plans YET Nehemiah still gives all the glory to God.
  • It is NOT about is always about the good and mighty hand of God.


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