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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit #7
Duration:39 mins 12 secs
Life in the Spirit #7

Valleys...Many Christians assume that silence from heaven means something is wrong.
  • God's "apparent" silence is, in fact, an important part of how he works in our lives and grows us up into the men and women of faith he wants us to be.
  • Isaiah 64:1-7; Psalm 74:9; Judges 6:13
In the wilderness...
  • Moses – only after a long, silent, four decades, did God finally appear to him in a burning bush with the command to GO.
  • David was in that space between the call of God and the fulfillment of that dream.
  • Paul – enduring 17 years in the background before he was appointed by the church as a missionary.
WHY? God want us to walk by faith and NOT by sight.
  • God sanctifies us by humbling us.
Truth for Today – Just because God feels absent doesn't mean that he actually is.
  • God uses the wilderness.
  • Emotions should come FROM our belief system; the should not be the basis for it.
Revival...Psalm 126:4-6
  • "Sowing in tears" – we patiently plant seeds of God's word in the hearts of those around us, water them with our tears, and fertilize them with our faith.
  • "Like steams in the Negev" – Occasionally, torrential rains swept the plains and streams overflowed the land.
  • The Psalmist imagines God doing this among the hearts of his people.
  • Do you believe God is willing to send such an outpouring today?
Isaiah 59:1 – "The arm of the Lord is not too short..." this means that God is no less powerful to save today than he was in the past!
  • Could it be that we have simply lost confidence that he will do it on a large scale?
  • "Nor his ear too dull..." this means that god is NOT less compassionate today than he was when he turned the Ninevites into humble God seekers.
  • Isaiah 59:2 – It is we who have changed, not God.
Matthew 13:58 – What if the lack of divine activity has nothing to do with unwillingness in God's heart, but unbelief in ours?

Revival is the intensification of the Normal operations of the Holy Spirit!

Ordinary means of Grace...
  1. Repenting of sin
  2. Preaching the gospel faithfully
  3. Saturating yourself with the gospel continually
  4. Persisting in prayer.


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