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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Handling 5 of the BIGGEST Objections to Faith (PM)

Handling 5 of the BIGGEST Objections to Faith #1
Duration:39 mins 12 secs
Handling 5 of the BIGGEST Objections to Faith

1. The Problem of Evil and Suffering.
  • If God is all powerful, he could do something to prevent or end suffering. If God is all loving, he would want to prevent or end suffering. There is suffering in the world. Therefore, God is either not all loving, or not all powerful.
  • Everyday Something Tragic Happens
Reality...We are a culture that demands FAIRNESS.
  • When those expectations are not met, we want someone to be held accountable and more often than not that someone is God.
  • QUESTION: Is God obligated to shield you from undeserved pain?
  1. Some suffering is our fault.
  2. Some suffering comes from our own covetousness.
  3. Some suffering comes from decisions of past generations.
  4. Some suffering is the result of physical laws in place from creation.
Is God Obligated?
  • The confusion around this topic comes from this faulty assumption that God somehow owes us something.
  • Could God end all suffering...YES...he has promised to do just that when he returns...but what if God uses suffering for his purposes?
Fairness vs. Faith...
  • More than fairness or a pain free existence, we need in a divine agenda.
Dropped the Ball?
  • We have championed and pushed a suffering free faith and that has NOT helped as we encounter unbelievers in the world.
  • John 16:33; Acts 14:22; 1 Peter 4:12-14
  • Trials are part of the plan.
3 Principles...
1. God is NOT the author of injustice. Luke 13:1-5

2. God has the power to bring good out of evil and suffering.
  • There is no greater act of pain and suffering and injustice than the cross...yet...God brought the ultimate good out of it.
  • God takes advantage of the house of mourning, he often uses our wounds to discipline our waywardness and bring us closer to him.
3. Salvation isn't faith either.
  • Because we are assured of eternal life we don't deserve, that helps us handle life's suffering, pain and unfairness when it happens to us.
  • 2 Corinthians 4:17; Romans 8:18
3 Conclusions...
  1. Suffering is mysterious
  2. Justice is coming
  3. God is enough


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