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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit #3
Duration:32 mins 55 secs
Life in the Spirit #3

Acts 2:1-4 – What images comes to mind when you hear the word church?
  • Ekklesia literally means an assembly or gathering of people called out for something.
  • Our English word "church" comes from "kirche" which literally means a sacred place rather than ekklesia.
  • People began to GO to church rather than BE the church.
Why the History Lesson? BECAUSE those filled with the Spirit...MOVE.
  • Movements by definition move, so if you are not moving, then are you really a part of the movement?
  • Where there is no movement, there is no Spirit.
Acts 2:3
  • In Acts 2 the fire of God has come to sit atop every believer...they had all become burning bushes.
  • Come & See has become Go & Tell
  • When the believers encountered the fire of God, they didn't die...they came alive.
Acts 2:4-8,11 – The wind of the Spirit moved the people out of hiding and into public where they proclaimed the gospel in languages previously unknown to them.
  • The first time the Spirit preaches, he does so in all languages, simultaneously.
  • Jesus had ransomed for himself a people from all nations, and the Holy Spirit had come to gather the harvest.
  • Acts 1:8
Power for the Mission?
1. Gifts that serve the mission. Acts 8:1, 4
    • The Holy Spirit in the mouths of regular people moves faster than apostles on mission trips.
2. The power to prophecy. Acts 2:17
    • The Spirit of God now fills the mouths of ordinary believers with his word to proclaim it to others.
    • The Spirit of God in the heart produces the Word of God on the tongue.
1. I am not sure I have what it takes.
2. Evangelism is not my spiritual Gift.
3. I witness with my life.
4. I don't have time.
5. Talking to others about Jesus makes me feel weird.

Acts 20:24
  • God loves the world so much he gave Jesus. If his Spirit lives in you, that is how you will begin to feel about it too.
    1. Churches and Christians NOT devoted to the mission are NOT filled with the Spirit, no matter how vibrant their worship.



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