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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tell me the Story of Jesus (PM)

Tell me the Story of Jesus #25 – Super Missionary
Duration:25 mins 56 secs
Tell me the Story of Jesus #25 – Super Missionary

Conversion Stories...
  • Conversion stories are as unique as fingerprints.
  • When you decide to follow Jesus, you also must accept his mission.
Lesson #1 – The word SUBMIT is not a four-letter word.

Ephesians 5:21 – The word means to place yourself under; to give allegiance to; or to tend to the needs of; be responsive to.
  • This passage says we are to place ourselves under one another our of reverence for Christ.
  • Jesus calls us to follow his example, his sacrifice, his giving his live for ours.
WHY? Because people are worth dying for.
  • Die to yourself, so that others can live...Like Jesus did.
  • This church is being taught how to live together in such a way that when people observe their lives together, they will see what Jesus is like.
The Head?
  • Christ's headship comes from his giving himself up for the church.
  • We often want others to submit to us without having to die.
Acts 13:27-33; 38-39
  • Everything that happened to Jesus was foretold in the ancient texts.
  • Acts 13:46-47
  • Isaiah 49:6
Same Challenge...
  • Christians sometimes assume that everyone knows about their religious traditions.
Lesson #2 – Meet People where they are.

Lesson #3 – Repentance is still needed.

Feast on this...
  • Have you allowed God to reveal who you really are?



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