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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Tell me the Story of Jesus (PM)

Tell me the Story of Jesus #24 – New Beginnings
Duration:28 mins 14 secs
Tell me the Story of Jesus #24 – New Beginnings

Lesson #1 – Sincerity needs to be accompanied with truth.

Acts 1:7-8

Lesson #2 – Stop wasting time with things that are NOT important to your greater mission.

Lesson #3 – Start where you are.

  • Enough excuses...just start seeing People and then invest in them.
Witness...Jesus said we would BE witnesses NOT DO witnessing
  • Being a witness is all encompassing. It is what we do 24/7; it is who we are.
How? How Can Jesus be with us if he returned to heaven?
  • God is not a distant God...he is a God who is constantly with us...never leaving nor forsaking us.
  • No more sacrifices and burnt offerings. NO more intricate rules. All they need to do is believe, repent, and be baptized.
  • Acts 2:42-47
  • They were family.
Services as Usual...
  • They met daily – Acts 2:46
  • They cared daily – Acts 6:1
  • They won souls daily – Acts 2:47
  • They searched the scripture daily – Acts 17:11
  • They increased in number daily – Acts 16:5
Lesson #4 – Christ must be our Living Reality

Ordinary People...
  • Jesus doesn't leave us to carry out the mission alone.
  • Our mission isn't to know when Jesus will return. Instead, we are to live as if it will happen tomorrow.



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