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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Tell me the Story of Jesus (PM)

Tell me the Story of Jesus #22 – The Darkest Hour
Tell me the Story of Jesus #22 – The Darkest Hour

Question: What do you do when your Plans and God's don't match?

God with us...
  • God never wanted to be separated from his people, so he promised to provide a way to get us back.
  • What is Jesus going to do...he is going to die.
  • He is NOT going to set up a power base from which to rule. He is NOT going to create a kingdom like they expected.
Kangaroo Court...
  • Jesus, the Lamb of God, refuses to defend himself against the trumped up charges.
  • In order to kill him legally, they need approval of Pilate, the governor appointed by Rome.
  • Matthew 27:11-31
The Story of Jesus...
  • In the Lower Story this was a disaster – a colossal failure.
  • In the Upper Story, it is the beginning of a major victory that had been planned from the beginning of time.
  1. All of this happened during Passover week.
  2. JUDAS
What Do You Do When Plan's Don't Match?
  • You align yourself to his plan.
When Jesus Died...
  • The religious leaders declared...he is finished.
  • But from the cross, Jesus cried is finished.
The Problem of Sin...
  • The shedding of blood on ancient altars was only a temporary fix.
  • The only way to break the barrier was to provide an acceptable sacrifice for ALL our sins.

Hebrews 10:19-22



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