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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Raised in Christ

Raised in Christ #2
Raised in Christ #2

The HOUSE...
  • When the Bible refers to the "house" it is referring to a specific family or lineage.
  • Joshua 24:15
  • Biblically, my house is NOT the brick structure I live in but the generations that flow from me. Psalm 127:1
Matthew 7:24-27
  • Wadi = Valley
  • The flood literally destroys everything in its path with unimaginable force.
  • Jesus compares a person who does not practice his way of living to someone who is foolish enough to build his house in the bottom of a wadi.
Question...How would I know if I am building my house like a foolish person in the path of destruction?
Answer...A house built on the sand embraces a worldview that defines basic life success very differently than Jesus describes.

Ask Yourself... (1) What is my view of success? (2) How am I living my life to achieve it?
  • Success is an interesting concept developed out a person's worldview.
Built on the Rock?
  • If your understanding of God is that you exist for him. Then he defines success for your life and you willingly align your life with that definition.
  • In this worldview...success is defined in the Scriptures. Mark 12:29-31
Success? Stuff doesn't equal success.
  • It is transferrable love of God and people that equals success.
Acts 2:42-47 – This is exactly what the local church is to provide today.
  • All of us need several people in our lives to influence us spiritually.
Raised in Christ...
1. Simplicity – Simplicity is Freedom

2. Time
    • Quantity time speaks to spending time with our kids in the normal movements of life.
    • Quality time is used to describe the exciting or important experiences together.
  • Prioritize family time together.
  • Do your best to maintain family dinner time.



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