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Sunday, December 16, 2018


Unashamed #5
Unashamed #5

A Remarkable Promise...
  • Jesus said that if we "make our home in him", we could ask whatever we want, and it would be given to us.
  • Most miracles in Scripture happened because someone perceived what God probably wanted to do in a particular situation and then asked him to do it.
  • Daniel 3:17-18
Why Were they so Sure?
  • They knew there was no way God would let Nebuchadnezzar steal his position.
  • So, they asked God to show that he was the only one to be worshiped through them.
Dare? Joshua 1:9, "Be Strong and Courageous..."
  • In Hebrew the verb "be strong" indicates something like "Be Daring."
  • God loves to fight for his people when they understand what his will is and take a dare on him to do it.
Feeding the 5,000...What was Jesus testing?
  • He wanted to see whether or not his disciples understood how willing and able he was to feed that multitude.
  • Jesus showed that there was no shortage in his ability or willingness to feed the multitudes.
Do you really believe that God is as compassionate and powerful as the gospel reveals him to be?

Luke 11:1-13
  • Our confidence in the compassion and power of God should NOT be affected when he doesn't answer our prayers like we think he should...why?
  • Because the cross is the measure of his compassion and the resurrection the measure of his power.
When you Don't Get an Answer...

1. Keep asking
2. Understand that God often accomplishes his good plan through our unanswered prayers.
  • Hebrews 11:33-35; Hebrews 11:35-37
  • We don't measure God's compassion by whether he answers our requests like we think he should...we measure God's compassion by the GOSPEL.
3. Never stop believing
4. Abide in Jesus

Whatever controls your joy is what you abide in!



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