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Sunday, December 09, 2018


Unashamed #4
Duration:38 mins 45 secs
Unashamed #4

Impossible? It is impossible to really experience the grace of the gospel and NOT be transformed into a person of kindness, generosity, and love.
  • Mercy begets Mercy.
Matthew 18:23-35 – splagma = gut level compassion.
  • There should be no way you can have any concept of what God has forgiven you of and be ungenerous in your spirit toward others.
Romans 12:19-21 - you cannot overcome evil by paying them back.
  • Ultimately, you and I are responding to Jesus, not the person in front of us.
2 Corinthians 8:9 – If we understand what Jesus gave up in saving us, how could we not willingly and joyfully give up our possessions so that others might have life also?

5 Principles...
  1. God gives excess to some so that they can share with those who have less.
  2. Jesus' radical generosity toward us serves as a model and motivation for our radical generosity.
  3. God delights in our enjoyment of his material gifts.
  4. God, not money, should be our primary source of beauty and security.
  5. Wealth building can be wise.
How much should I give is NOT the right question.
  • What does your spending show that you delight in? What does your savings show you find security in? Whose kingdom are you building?
  • At most 1/3 of our world is "Christian". 2.25 billion people have little or NO access to the gospel.
  • 2 Peter 3:9
3 Options...
  1. You can deny it.
  2. You can ignore it.
  3. You can embrace it.
Stop waiting on God to tell you to offer your life for the kingdom, he has already done that, instead ask him to show you how best to do it.



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