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Sunday, December 02, 2018


Unashamed #3
Duration:35 mins
Unashamed #3

How Important is God's Approval in Your Life?
  • Seeing the love of God & the glory of Christ is what restructures our hearts and reorders our desires.
  • Ephesians 1:17-19; Ephesians 3:18-19
  • Doctrine helps describe the God we must see; application helps us see how to love the God we have seen BUT both are useless if the eyes of our hearts have not been opened to see the beauty of God.
Exodus 19 – Exodus 19:16; Exodus 24:3
  • They saw...they believed...they obeyed.
3 things...

1. God's awesome size.
  • I think most people today have lost a sense of God's awesome size.
  • When we try to reduce God to someone we can explain & control, we actually cripple people's ability to believe in him.
2. God's untouchable holiness.
  • God is a God whose holiness & perfection is so complete that sin cannot exist in his presence.
  • It is only when we see the holiness of God that our hearts learn to worship him.
  • True worship BEGINS with fear. It doesn't end there, but that is where it starts.
3. God's Tender mercy. Exodus 19:4-5l 20:2
  • God calls them his "treasured possession."
  • When we see the size and beauty of God who speaks to us, the power of sin over our hearts I broken.
Temptation...In order to say NO to the desires of temptation, we need to develop a stronger desire for God.

Freedom? Freedom from sin comes when we hate sin.
  • You will only hate sin when you start to love God.
Where do we see God like that? MOUNT CALVARY
  • We transgressed the lines of holiness, and Jesus was struck dead for it.
  • In the cross we see the fullness of God's grace.
The Gospel...not only tells us about the power of God, it IS the power of God.
  • Believing the gospel is not only the way we become Christians, it is the power that enables us to do the things Jesus commands us to do.
Before Christianity tells you to do anything, it calls you to sit in wonder and amazement at what God has done for you!



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