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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Focus (PM)

Focus #4 – Moving from Programs to Process
Duration:43 mins 52 secs
Focus #4 – Moving from Programs to Process

How Do You Make Disciples?
  • We all agree we should be making disciples...we use the same words...but behind the words are different meanings.
  • Many see evangelism as leading people to Christ and discipleship as growing people in Christ.
  • THE PROBLEM – this is different from the idea Jesus had in mind.
Jesus and Disciple Making...
  • Disciple making begins with evangelism, includes new believers in the church, trains them to walk with God, and sends them out to reproduce their lives in others.
  • Disciple making has a clear end in mind.
  • Disciple making is heavily practice based.
  • Disciple making is focused on spiritual multiplication.
Matthew 28:18-20

STEP #1 – Engage spiritual explorers with the gospel.
STEP #2 – Connect new believers into a biblical community.
STEP #3 – Grow disciples by training them to walk with God.
STEP #4 – Release the new disciple to multiply his life in the life of others.

Engage Explorers...
  • John 1:29-39
  • The first step in any disciple making strategy is the intentional engagement with people far from God.
  • There MUST be intentional efforts to meet with people where they are and introduce them to Jesus.
Connect Believers...
  • Matthew 4:12-22
  • Up to this point these men had been following Jesus, but they had not made a life altering commitment to Jesus.
Connecting at 4 levels...
  1. Connect with Christ through obedient faith.
  2. Connect with the church.
  3. Connect to a community.
  4. Connect to a Cause
Grow Disciples...
  • Mark 3:7-14
  • For a church to be a disciple making church, it must intentionally train people to walk with God and reproduce.
  • Ephesians 4:13
Go Multiply...
  • Matthew 16:17-18
  • The kingdom of God will NOT advance without self-denial and sacrifice.
  • Luke 9:57-62; Luke 14:26-27; 33
Churches Across the World...
  • We have forgotten that the church exists to train up men and women who will take the gospel into their offices, neighborhoods, and the world...instead of just trying to fill seats.


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