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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Focus (PM)

Focus #3
Duration:33 mins 23 secs
Focus #3

Key Move #2 – Moving from Decisions to Disciples

Critically Important...
  • We need to determine how we define success and then do the things that lead to success.
  • Matthew 28:18-20
  • There is only ONE command, one verb. Jesus commanded his followers to make disciples.
What is a Disciple?
  • The word disciple is a word that means "to learn" and was used of a young man who left his home to study under a rabbi.
  • The purpose of the training was to transform him in such a way that he became like his master SO AS TO carry on the work.
  • Colossians 1:28-29
3-D Definition of a Disciple...

1. Devoted.

2. Developing – John 17:16-17
  • A disciple is developing the character of Jesus.
  • A disciple is developing the competencies of Jesus.
3. Deployed.

Bottom Line: You cannot separate conversion and discipleship.
  • Jesus himself said there would be many who claim to be followers who simply aren't.
Dangers of Decisions over Disciples...
  • Focusing on decisions you can manipulate people to respond.
  • Focusing on disciples the pressure is off for an immediate decision and the emphasis is on presenting the gospel clearly and FULLLY.
  • Focusing on decisions often means using impersonal methods to boost numbers.
  • Focusing on disciples, you work in the context of relationships, so you actually know the person you are seeking to reach, AND you stay in relationship with them as they continue their spiritual journey.
  • Focusing on decisions leads to a tendency to rush the process.
  • Focusing on disciples, you are willing to let people process the gospel until they are prepared to choose Christ in authentic way.
  • Focusing on decisions can lead to a false sense of success.
  • Focusing on disciples leads to a long-term perspective.
  • Focusing on decisions means the job is over when the decision is made.
  • Focusing on disciples, your job just begins when a person crosses the line of obedient faith.
True evangelism will ALWAYS result in true disciples.

What we need are churches that are committed to a long term strategy to make disciples who will make disciples to a third and fourth generation.



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