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Sunday, November 11, 2018


The Coronation of THE King – A study of the gospel of Mark #18
Duration:37 mins 8 secs
The Coronation of THE King – A study of the gospel of Mark

Mark 15:37-47 – The way Mark reports the burial is significant: he is certifying that Jesus was really dead.
  • Multiple experts and witnesses prove he was really dead.
  • Mark 16:1-3
Mark 16:3-7 – They had come to the tomb expecting to find a dead body. Instead they hear...he is risen. He is NOT here.
  • Nobody is expecting a resurrection.
1. The resurrection was as inconceivable for the first disciples, as impossible for them to believe, as it is for many today.

What was the Resurrected Jesus like?
  • Jesus resurrected body had flesh and bone.
  • The disciples were able to recognize him and touch him.
  • So...either they saw Jesus, or they are a part of an elaborate conspiracy that lasted for decades.
He Has Done It!! – Jesus really is the Son of God, the true and perfect king; he came to earth to die on the cross for us; and by trusting in what he has done, we are spared eternal judgement.
  • John 11:25-26
2. His death means no more death for us. His resurrection means our resurrection.

1 Corinthians 15:13-19 - the truth of the resurrection is of supreme eternal is the hinge upon which the story of the world pivots.

3. Ordinary life is what is going to be redeemed.

The Day of the Lord?
  • This is the day that God makes everything right, the day that everything sad comes untrue.
  • You will find that the worst things that have ever happened to you will in the end only enhance your eternal delight.
  • The joy of your glory will be that much greater for every scar you bear.
So Much More...
  • That proves the kingdom of God is real and will triumph...if you turst him, you can enter his realm and power now.
  • The happy ending of the resurrection is so enormous that it swallows up even the sorrow of the cross.
  • If we believe the gospel, then our hearts will heal even as we face the darkest time because we know that because of Jesus life is like that.
  • 1 Corinthians 15:57



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