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Sunday, November 04, 2018


The Coronation of THE King – A study of the gospel of Mark #17
Duration:30 mins 35 secs
The Coronation of THE King – A study of the gospel of Mark

Mark 14:53-62 – By Saying "¬I AM," Jesus claims so much more than we know...but at least he is claiming to be the Messiah.
  • Put it all together...Jesus said, "I will come to earth in the very glory of God and judge the entire world."
  • This is a claim to outright divinity.
Mark 14 & 15 – Barabbas was guilty and because of Jesus he got to go free...isn't that our story?

Roman Triumphant Procession?
  • The whole Praetorian guard was called together around dawn to prepare...the king was dressed in purple and given a crown.
  • Jesus is led to the Praetorian before the 3rd hour. He is dressed in purple mocked as the king and given a crown of thorns.
  • In the procession of an emperor there was a person who was designated to carry an axe that would kill the sacrifice – usually a bull or an ox.
  • Simon of Cyrene is compelled to carry the cross that will kill the sacrificial victim. Jesus Christ.
  • The procession of an emperor ended at the Capitoline Hill, named because of the legend that a human head was found there.
  • Jesus' place of crucifixion is called Golgotha which means place of the skull or place of the head.
  • During the procession at the end of the ceremony, a cup of win was handed to the one performing sacrifices, he did not drink it but poured it out as a sacrifice to the "gods."
  • Jesus refuses to drink the wine mixed with myrrh.
  • When the ceremony was over the people would cry out that the emperor was a god personified in human flesh.
  • The Roman Centurion declares that Jesus truly was the Son of God.
1. Jesus is both victorious King and sacrificial victim.
2. If anything but God is more important to you, you have a problem with direction.
Spiritual Darkness? Apart from the intervention of God, we are all in spiritual darkness.
  • Being out of the presence of God, who is all light and truth, means utter darkness.
  • Isaiah 13:9-13
Matthew 15:35-39 - The curtain said loudly and clearly that it is impossible for anyone sinful, anyone in darkness to come into the presence of God.
  • This sacrifice ends all sacrifice.
  • Now that Jesus has died, anybody who trust and obeys can connect to God.
3. it can't be because God doesn't love you; it can't be that he has no plan for you. It can't be that he has abandoned you.

Jesus...has not only died the death we should have died – he also lived the life that we should have lived.
  • He was perfect obedience in our place.
  • There is forgiveness and grace for you!



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